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Some companies translate all the content of their websites as well as their legal agreements for the sole benefit of their users. This sentence is then repeated in French to ensure that it is clear that English is the dominant language of legal agreements, even if they are translated into French. The French facebook version of the site makes available all the content of the site, including legal agreements, in French. French is one of the most translated languages in the world (in french as well as French). We work intensively with the French language and benefit enormously from an office in Paris and a French team. If French is selected, the entire site, including UPS`s legal agreements (such as the “Privacy Statement” page, is translated into French: While the United States does not provide for translation of its legal agreements, whether it is a privacy policy and/or conditions, many American sites offer translated options for the usefulness and comfort of their customers. However, in the footnote of the site, there are links to a number of different Facebook pages for other countries, including English. When you click on these links, the current page is not translated, but transmitted to the country-by-country Facebook page: some websites only translate general content into a number of different languages, but retain legal agreements in the standard language, the official language in which the company/website is originally. This means that legal agreements for corporate websites in Quebec must have both a French translation and an English translation, and the French version must be easily accessible, if not the norm. The United States does not require legal translation of officials on the site. However, given that the United States is such a linguisticly versatile place and that the global nature of the online business is global, many U.S.-based websites will provide translations of their legal agreements simply for the comfort and interest of their users, both in the U.S. and abroad. In Canada, the Official Languages Act requires that English and French be equally weighted.

Websites in Canada must provide English and French versions of their legal agreements in order to provide space for all citizens. A link is placed at the top of the page, shown in the image below, only when the click is made to translate the entire website into French. The link then changes to the one that, when clicked, retranslats the site into English: in Canada, companies must provide English and French versions of the content of their site, including their legal agreements, even if either language is the defining language for the legal terms of agreement. At the foot of the page, it is possible to choose a language to translate the entire site. English is defined as the norm, while Dutch, Spanish and French are also available. It`s not a legal requirement, but kickStarter is only doing something to help its user base interact with the site: When should you translate your website content or legal agreements, such as your terms and conditions and privacy policy agreements, into other languages? The Canadian Best Buy site is in English by default, but it offers a link just to the top to go in French. If French is selected, the entire site, including its legal agreements (such as the “Privacy Policy” page), is translated into French: While legal agreements, including the “Terms of Use” page translated into French, there is a clause in the agreement that states that the UPS Canada website has a link at the top to choose to view the website and legal agreements in French or English in accordance with Canadian rules: Amazon`s Canadian website also allows the entire website to be translated, including its legal agreements (such as Amazon.ca`s privacy policy), simply From English to French.

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