Book: Help Me Live… As I Die, Cancer vs. the Power of Love

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Joe Peterson, author of “Help Me Live… As I Die / Cancer vs. the Power of Love” shares his story about the creation of a book that demonstrates the true power of love versus melanoma. Kelly, Joe’s partner, passed away from cancer, but his story lives on through Joe.

From Joe:

I am the youngest of twelve and have always been creatively ambitious. Throughout the course of my life I dealt with suicidal thoughts, came to terms with my sexuality, built self-esteem through body and mind improvement, and always believed in love. Exercise, nutrition and creativity have been passions of mine for many years, and when Kelly was diagnosed they were very much a part of our daily life.

Only after writing daily updates on CaringBridge and receiving positive feedback from the readers (while building a united support system) did I consider sharing our journey via a book. I’ve always wanted to write a book, but I never suspected it would be inspired by a tragic circumstance. I contacted a publishing company months before Kelly passed away, and I believed it would be his and my success story against cancer… specifically, melanoma.

In October of 2011, I realized our physical time together was coming to an end and the story I had wanted to write was going to have an unthinkable ending. Kelly and I moved forth with the same amount of positivity and hope, despite the reality we faced.

Our journey, captured in “Help Me Live… As I Die / Cancer vs. the Power of Love” was completed and released almost one year after Kelly moved on. Reliving, over and over, the trials and tribulations we encountered during Kelly’s final nine months became a source of therapy I had not predicted.

Through my own personal growth, from rereading our united travels in 2011, and through the positive encouragement from others, I felt and still believe Kelly’s positivity will still impact others and potentially teach a better way to live, by living positively. Kelly and I also became aware that the relationship we had was very much respected by our straight loved ones, and our CB entries opened their eyes to the prejudices and safety fears we continually lived with. Our journey was as much about sharing as it was about learning.


Joe Peterson, Author of “Help Me Live As I Die…Cancer vs. the Power of Love”

About the book:

This is not a story about death. It is a story about one couple’s journey of acceptance, love, and internal awakenings. Kelly and Joe met by chance, but were bound by fate. One morning in the summer of 2010, Kelly Boedigheimer, a thirty-nine year old man in good health, discovered what he thought was yet another ingrown hair on his chin. That was the first step on the life-changing journey he would share with Joe Peterson, his life partner since 1998.

Months later – following three surgical procedures, where each was more aggressive than the last – Kelly and Joe faced the inconceivable: Kelly was diagnosed with melanoma. In early 2011, Kelly met with a team of specialists at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. Another surgery, this one more wide-ranging than the others, removed a section of skin from his chin and a portion of his cheek. A graft from his arm provided new skin for those areas. Highly concerned about this aggressive melanoma, doctor’s proceeded quickly to save and protect Kelly.

Here, Joe lovingly and painfully recreates Kelly’s final nine months through journal entries, e-mails, blog posts, texts, and more. Their relationship was tested as too many are; in this visit back to those days, Joe unfolds an inspiring telling of the power of love, optimism, and hope. This is not a story about death. This is a story about love.

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11 Responses to “Book: Help Me Live… As I Die, Cancer vs. the Power of Love”

  1. Linda Mann says:

    I loved this book. Joe has a wonderful way of bringing you into his story, and making you feel like you’ve known him and Kelly forever.

  2. My Inner Chick says:

    I Love you, Joe.

    Can’t wait to read your book and review it on my blog.

    Xxxxxxx Kisss’

  3. Suzanne Lescure says:

    I would love to read your story, I am a stage 4 warrior. I will share this on Facebook too!

  4. Mary Drab says:

    Looks like a great read. 🙂

  5. Joe Peterson says:

    Linda, Thank you so much for your positive feedback.

    Kim, I love you too and I want to thank you for supporting Kelly and me.

    Suzanne, CONGRATS to you 🙂 … we were told that there were stage four survivors and we thought Kelly would be one of them. Sadly, the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN had zero information on the 5% of stage IV melanoma survivors – the Oncologists would refer to you as the miracle that walked away. I’m still bewildered that they have no information or lack the motivation to keep records on people, like you, who survive. I still believe there’s a cure… I still have hope… I plan to stay positively positive.

    XOXO, Joe

  6. Heidi Merritt says:

    Kelly was there for me in school, and I think of him every day now. He will always be missed. Heaven gained a great angel!
    Thanks for sharing him through your book Joe, I know it’s probably helped a lot of people! XOXO. Heidi

  7. Jenifer Blazier says:

    Your’s and Kelly’s story is so inspiring, the strength and courage you both displayed is beautiful… Thank you for sharing your journey with all of us!

  8. Jean Benny says:

    I just became aware of this book and can’t wait to read it Ive posted this on my facebook page and I am a stage 3a survivor just diagnosed last year GOD BLESS YOU!

  9. Joe Peterson says:

    Mary, Jenifer and Jean,
    Thank you for taking the time to respond on this blog post. Kelly and I shared quite a journey in 2011 and my travels continue… being supported and propelled (by people like you) as I go.

    Heidi, as always, THANK YOU for your support. XOXO

    HELP ME LIVE AS I DIE has a Facebook Page – I’d be honored to have everyone visit and ‘like’ it.

    Thanks much, XOXO, Joe

  10. aoberg says:

    Time for the book giveaway! And the winner is… Suzanne Lescure! Congrats Suzanne! Please email with your contact information so Joe can send you a signed copy!

  11. Smith says:

    Inspiring, i just liked it, please share a copy of it to , thanks for sharing the article