Calgary Public Library Union Agreement

The Board encourages the development of the skills of its Board members and, within available resources, provides institutional memberships to major library organizations and financial support for participation in relevant library conferences and workshops, including reimbursement of registration fees as well as travel and accommodation expenses. Be prepared to endure the abuse and harassment of drunk guests, when normally safety is pretty good when it comes to seeing these people. You will probably feel uncertain at work, as many colleagues have told me. If you`re a displayer or other low person, don`t think your opinion is important. Do what you are told, even if it makes no sense or takes longer and you are probably fine. If you try to do things in a way that works for you, but is a little different from all the others, you`ll quickly be put back in line. The company is agitating publicly to be inclusive and progressive, but the treatment of employees with disabilities and sometimes also customers is disgusting. The taxpayer public would be really shocked if they knew. If you have an illness that goes beyond a bad back that requires accommodation, this is absolutely NOT the place for you. Do yourself a favor and don`t do it. Very few possibilities of ascent.

There`s a reason this place has more revenue than the last detail job I had. Set up a public face, being progressive and inclusive, but inside it`s VERY different. These are not considered “legal” copies of contracts/agreements…

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