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Six Thumbs Up for the Short Sleeve Fitness Shirt

Jul 25, 2013 No Comments

What does a long-distance runner, kayak instructor and rock climber all have in common besides a passion for fitness? Their love for the Coolibar Short Sleeve Fitness Shirt! Since it’s introduction into the Coolibar UPF 50+ clothing line last season, this sweat-wicking, sun-blocking shirt has received more positive feedback than any other dedicated fitness item in the history of Coolibar!

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A Sun Protective Jacket for the Ultra Athlete Mom

Jul 24, 2013 No Comments

Coolibar Athlete Sarah Gay is a lover of marathons and triathlons. She spends hour each week outdoors, not only training for her next Half Ironman, but doing what she considers most important of all — being an active mother. Throughout her career as a nurse practitioner, she has recognized the importance of sun protection. She also knows moms like her need fashionable, functional clothing that keeps up with a busy lifestyle. That’s why Sarah adores the Coolibar UPF 50+ Fitness Jacket. Read Sarah’s review.

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Athlete for change: Paul Ridley

Jul 02, 2013 No Comments

In 2010, Paul Ridley completed his 3000 mile row across the Atlantic Ocean, solo, protected by Coolibar all the way. Why would one endure the pain that comes from 87 days of rowing 12 to 14 hours every day? To raise awareness and research funds for skin cancer. Our former athlete for a change is [...]

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My First Half Ironman

Jun 16, 2013 No Comments

Ever thought about completing a Half Ironman for the personal challenge alone? Coolibar athlete, runner, mother, and nurse practitioner Sarah Gay finally reached her goal of finishing her first half Ironman. Her vivacious recap may get you thinking about trying one too.

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Pro Angler Chad Grigsby & family reviews Coolibar

May 13, 2013 2 Comments

Pro Angler Chad Grigsby recently took a trip with his wife and two daughters to Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. Before leaving, he had the entire family pick out some Coolibar! Here’s what they all had to say…

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Tracing back to the birthplace of sport climbing

May 06, 2013 No Comments

As a teacher, I get some nice chunks of time off throughout the year, and I do my best to spend these breaks doing what I love — rock climbing. This year, I journeyed west to Oregon and climbed on the welded tuff that was left over after a long ago volcanic episode. There is a really strong and interesting history of rock climbing in Smith Rock State park, and it is often sited as the birthplace of sport climbing in America.

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Find the motivation you might be missing

Apr 23, 2013 No Comments

Staying active can be a challenge when our busy schedules interfere with our free time. We all know how this feels! And so the challenge is to find that motivation and hold on to it so we can enjoy our summer activities. For me, getting ready for summer is where it starts. I enjoy being [...]

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Key ingredients for fitness success

Apr 23, 2013 No Comments

Motivation is one of a few key ingredients for success.  I stay motivated by having goals to train for and think about.  Additionally, I try to plan some short weekend trips as well as a couple larger road trips.  These are at the core of what motivates me to stay active because in order to [...]

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Rain On a Track Meet

Apr 17, 2013 1 Comment

Coolibar Athlete Chad Hannon reflects on the events that took place at the Boston Marathon through his own experiences.

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Ready, set, make goals

Apr 17, 2013 No Comments

What motivates me to get active?  First and foremost, a tangible goal.  Whether it’s your first 5K, a half ironman or a marathon there is nothing like setting a goal, training for it and achieving success.  It provides a sense of accomplishment and pride.  No need for anyone else to pat you on the back. Crossing [...]

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