Climate Change Agreement Reporting

This page contains only a summary of the types of changes made to your operations that would affect your CCA. Download the CCA Operations Manual for further instructions. We have updated the CCA notification schedule and the section on redemption fees for arrival periods 3, 4 and 5. There are two types of CSFs – ridge agreements and underlying agreements. Each of the 53 eligible interbranch organisations has either framework agreements or underlying agreements. Inter-trade agreements are negotiated between inter-branch organisations and the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (formerly DECC). The underlying agreements are owned by sites or groups of sites belonging to an organisation or operator and are managed by interbranch organisations. The program was closed to new applicants in October 2018, but as the government works to combat climate change and climate tax rates rise, this is an opportunity for legitimate companies to participate in the program and help reduce global carbon emissions, in exchange for some of the tax breaks. See list of contacts of interbranch organisations and individual sectoral agreements.

You can change the contact details of your administrative contact by asking your professional organisation to make the change. If the operator`s target unit meets its objectives at the end of each reference period, the facilities are still eligible for the CDC rebate. How to report your data, manage changes to your account or organization, and what happens if you miss or exceed targets or report too late. A Climate Change Agreement (CCA) is an agreement between the Environment Agency and an organisation on a voluntary basis to reduce CO2 emissions over a period of time. By entering a CSF, the Environment Agency will discount the climate change levy (CCL) levied on this organization. For organisations with a CSF, the CDC is developed as before: an underlying agreement is held by an operator for a site or group of sites in a given sector. . .


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