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Als Spezialist für Finanzierungslösungen und Versicherungen im Handel stehen wir Ihnen bei der Absatzfinanzierung zur Seite. Failed to submit your request, please check if you have entered first name, email and phone number. Products include installment credits, card products with drawing limit and bullet loans as well as additional insurance and accessory products in co-operation with partners. Business partners are trading companies of all sizes as well as banks and insurances. Bei Fragen zur Beantragung einer Finanzierung steht Ihnen das Team der Consors Finanz unter 02 03 / 34 69 58 83* gerne zur Verfügung. Bei Fragen zu Ihrem bestehenden Kreditvertrag (nach Erhalt Ihrer Kreditbestätigung) hilft Ihnen der Kundenservice der Consors Finanz gerne unter 02 03/ 34 69 54 02* weiter. Mit maximaler Nutzerfreundlichkeit, zum maximalen Erfolg! Consors Finanz is a German brand of the worldwide active major bank BNP Paribas. The focus of the business is the allocation of consumer loans, especially sales financing for retail and online trade as well as for car, caravan and motorbike dealers. Tell us who you are and a Glassdoor Sales Representative will get back to you right away. Thank you for your request.

A Sales Representative will be in contact with you with your custom quote. The business is a member of the Association of German Banks. Changes wont be saved until you sign up for an Enhanced Profile subscription. Consors Finanz will carry on its development in Germany and will continue to offer innovative solutions tailored to the needs of its clients for instalment loans, credit cards and insurance products. In 2001 Cetelem S.A. acquired 70% of the former WKV Bank in Munich and founded the Cetelem Bank GmbH. The bank was a Joint Venture of the BNP Paribas Personal Finance S.A. (former Cetelem S.A.) and of the Dresdner Bank AG.

In 2005 an ownership structure of 50,1 % BNP Paribas Personal Finance S.A. and 49,9 % Dresdner Bank was agreed and the Cetelem Bank was changed to Dresdner-Cetelem Kreditbank GmbH. Through the merging of the Dresdner Bank with the Commerzbank the partnership shares were transferred to the Commerzbank AG in May 2009. In the beginning of June 2010 the Dresdner-Cetelem Kreditbank was changed to Commerz Finanz. [1] Alternativ können Sie auch eine Nachricht über die Kontaktseite der Consors Finanz senden. Derzeit sind gefälschte E-Mails im Umlauf: Darin wird behauptet, Ihr Konto sei gesperrt. Dies ist ein Betrugsversuch! With Consors Finanz, the presence of BNP Paribas and perception in the retail business will be further strengthened. Let us know if we`re missing any workplace or industry recognition – Add Awards The consumer loan sales work via direct cooperation with trading partners which use the financing products as an instrument of merchandising. Banks, insurances, organizations and institutions can also handle their consumer loan business via Consors Finanz as outsourcing partner.

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