Consumers Energy Interconnection Agreement

Comprehensive nationwide energy reforms, adopted in 2016, required regulators to look at avoided costs amid market changes. Since the last PURPA report from public regulators in 2018, the MPSC has authorized cost prevention for all seven Michigan investment firms. Before a settlement agreement was reached last year, consumers — and in a separate DTE Energy case — had a multi-year dispute over PURPA contracts and avoided costs. Over the past 40 years, PURPA contracts have mainly concerned hydropower, biomass, cogeneration and landfill waste. However, solar is ready to make a larger share of these contracts if costs go down. “Although not all ongoing connection projects (qualified entities) are ongoing and some will likely be cancelled for various reasons (connection costs, location control and authorization issues, etc.), the number of outstanding connection requests indicates significant growth in the development of the QF. Agenda| MPSC Staff Presentation | Stakeholder meeting comments of 30 September 2019 | ABATE | | for the | | Consumers Energy Letter | Consumers| Doug Houseman| DTE Energy Letter | DTE-| Ecology Center/ELPC/Vote Solar Letter | Ecology Centre/ELPC/Vote Solar | MECA | MEGA | MIEIBC | | of the next era Pine Gate Renewables | Power Home | Xcel Agenda | Questions relating to the interconnection debate 20. June | JRC comments on DTE-| JRC comments on this | Staff rules and procedures are distributed | CE-Discussion Electrical connection and net metering standards Interconnection and parallel operation agreements for projects up to 150 kW The first draft stick was published on 28 August 2019. .


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