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Coolibar Athlete Gene Meade: Ultra Runner

My name is Gene Meade and I am a trail and ultra runner from North Carolina. I am also a fitness instructor and Vice President of the North Carolina Road Runners Club. I enjoy being outdoors, and in addition to running ultra races,  I enjoy cycling, hiking and mountain biking. In 2012, I competed in a Marathon, five 50K races, one 100K race, a 212 mile relay race and two 24 hour running events. Now, my 2013 goal is to run two one hundred mile races. I am running my first 100 miler in April.

I first got into running and cycling in the mid 80’s and then took a break in the mid 90’s to raise three daughters. I came back in 2008 and have not stopped since!

Being fair skinned, sun protection is very important to me. I also lost my brother-in-law to melanoma in 2009, which was a huge wake up call. Many of the clients I work with in the gym are focused on their bodies with regard to fitness and nutrition, but pay little attention to sun protection. I am looking to change that!

Gene Meade

Gene Meade Gene Meade
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