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The arbitrator occupied the traditional canons of contractual interpretation and read the relevant provisions of the collective agreement throughout the contract. The Arbitrator found that the language of the collective agreement, when read as a whole and all provisions obtain a vote, distinguishes long-term dismissals resulting from integration, as provided for in Article 10.14, and those caused by other inserthes. Ontario Arbitrator Frank Reilly recently dismissed a complaint by the Ontario Human Rights Association that the employer, St. Michael`s Hospital in Toronto, violated the collective agreement by failing to include retirement or separation benefits in the benefits options for nurses who are laid off. At St. Michael`s Hospital and the Ontario Nurses Association (April 2010), Adjudicator Reilly applied the traditional canons of conventional interpretation to the collective agreement and decided that the benefits provided to licensed nurses vary according to the grounds for dismissal. In these circumstances, the Saint-Michel Hospital was not required to grant retirement or separation allowances to dismissed nurses and the union`s political complaint was dismissed. The Ontario Nurses Association (ONT) represents the heart and soul of Ontario`s health care – nurses and associated health workers on the front lines. As an organization, the ONA represents them not only at the negotiating table, but is also their collective voice vis-à-vis the world. Ona… ONA is the union representing more than 68,000 registered nurses and health professionals, as well as more than 18,000 nursing student subsidiaries that are cared for in hospitals, long-term care centers, public health, municipality, clinics and industry.

TORONTO, March 4, 2020 /CNW/ – The Ontario Nurses Association (ONA) says contract interviews between ONA Hospital have interrupted registered nurses and the Ontario Hospital Association (OHA). In support of this interpretation, Adjudicator Reilly found that, in the development of the collective agreement, the parties agreed to separate sections with different rights in the event of long-term dismissal. “While the ONA still prefers to negotiate a new contract for our dedicated and well-trained members, the unfortunate reality is that the passage of Bill 124 by the provincial government impinges on free collective bargaining,” says Vicki McKenna, President of the RN ONA. “Bill 124 is the Ontario government`s legislation that limits the increase in below-cost-living compensation for some, but not all, public sector workers to a maximum of one per cent per year per year. It is clear that this government is targeting public sector workers, who are securitized for women, to make promises of wages. It freed men in male-dominated occupations, such as firefighters and police officers, from the effect of the law. Adjudicator Reilly`s decision gives hospital employers some optimism about the redundancies provisions of the NAOS collective agreement and the obligations to pay retirement and separation benefits.

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