South Carolina Medicaid Provider Agreement

NC DHHS recognizes the need to promote access to care by registering all providers in a timely manner and is committed to providing quality care to our fellow citizens. Recipients have the freedom to choose the preferred primary supply provider. If a recipient is registered with another provider but wishes to join their CCNC/CA practice, ask them to complete a CCNC/CA registration form for Medicaid recipients. Send or fax the completed form to the Ministry of Social Services in the county where the recipient resides. If the recipient prefers to select another CCNC/CA provider, talk to their employee at the local DSS office. Service Recommendation requirements do NOT change for CCNC/CA providers Once registered as Carolina Access PCP, providers can inquire about making pcP available as PCP in NC Medicaid`s Advanced PCCM program, known as Community Care of North Carolina (CCNC). To participate, suppliers must sign a separate contract with the local ccnc network. Carolina Access PCP, which wishes to participate in the CCNC program, should contact the CCNC network that serves their county. Health care providers who wish to be members of the NC Medicaid Carolina Access PCP must complete an online application that accesses NCTracks. NTracks Enrollment Rules Suppliers and Exceptions for Suppliers Who Charge Recipients The Online Provider Registration App is a user-friendly web application that collects all the information needed to register or your organization as a Medicaid-approved provider in North Carolina. The following information will help you with the first information with your app. Read First Step with Registration When you sign up for an individual or organization provider registration app, you have the option to register as a Primary Care Provider (PCP) in the Carolina Access program if your type of provider allows you to participate.

Types of suppliers capable ccnc/CA If you have any questions regarding the conclusion of the online application for vendor registration, please contact the CSRA Call Center – 800-688-6696, Fax -855-710-1965 or e-mail – NCTracksprovider@nctracks.com. The registration process includes verification of filing information, confirmations and licensing authorizations. The CSRA Enrollment team completes this audit to ensure that all suppliers meet professional requirements and have a good reputation. Once participation as a DHHS provider has been approved, providers are notified by email and can begin submitting claims to NC DHHS for the services provided.

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