Sports Event Management Agreement Template

a) DTB will do everything in its power to comply with the Program, but DTB has the right to change or omit or alter the date of an event for any reason; d) Tickets, hospitality and experiences purchased through DTB must not be included in sweepstakes, contests and promotions, as this may be contrary to the terms and conditions of the event. Exceptions must be expressly requested and agreed in writing prior to booking. DTB is not responsible for the misuse of purchases. In case of cancellation of events or interruption of the event, DTB`s refund policy is in accordance with that of the official venue or supplier. The costs of services and goods provided at any other event not included and provided at the request of the customer or its customers are invoiced separately at the rates in force by the supplier, to which are added a processing fee that does not exceed 10% of the supplier`s fees and that is due within five days from the date of the invoice. d) The cancellation of one or more events by DTB does not give the client the cancellation of another event. d) In the event that the payment terms are not met, DTB may find that the customer is in breach of the contract – the customer remains responsible for the entire balance of the funds, but DTB will endeavor to resell and revalue the event mentioned in the invoice, without prejudice to its other remedies. Both DTB and customer are exempt from any other obligations regarding an event in the event of a national emergency when state rules, the cancellation of an event by third parties, or a cause beyond the reasonable control of the customer or the reasonable control of DTB make it impossible to carry out an event. This provision does not exempt the customer from his obligation to pay for all events concluded as a result of an order, nor to compensate DTB for the commitments entered into by DTB as the customer`s representative, nor to oblige DTB to reimburse the deposit. The Contract is entirely governed by English law and is construed in all respects, and the parties submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts for all purposes and within the framework of the Agreement.

g) If the profit cannot be delivered, DTB assumes no responsibility. Participation in an offsite or onsite competition organized by DTB or when DTB is the supplier of the prize does not entail a binding agreement between the parties. The GDPR affects how DTB may use your personal data. DTB may be required to process your personal data or pass it on to compliant third parties if there is a legal basis. It is necessary to process your personal data in order to meet the requirements for the execution of contracts, the creation of offers and knowledge of their legitimate interests. If you agree to marketing, we will also use your data to bring you events, experiences and offers that are of interest to you. This does not affect any of your rights under the OCI GDPR legislation, which can be viewed on the ICO website – ico.org.uk/ Detailed information on how DTB may store or use your personal data is available in our Privacy Policy, which can be found under www.dtbsportsandevents.com/privacy Termination of this agreement does not affect the rights of the parties that have arisen from it, and DTB is arranged on behalf of the client to arrange a refund or reallocation of events. The agreement covers the entire agreement between the parties and there are no conditions, conditions or obligations other than those contained therein. d) The Customer acknowledges that the limitation of liability contained in this clause is appropriate on the basis of the financial agreements concluded between DTB and the Customer. (b) DTB is entitled to pass on a supplier`s price increases to the client. These increases must be paid to DTB prior to ticket issuance or event organization. a) If a reservation is cancelled by the customer, the customer remains obliged to pay the balance to DTB.

DTB will endeavor, at the request of the customer, to resell or refund, on its behalf, all or part of the value of the event.. . . .

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