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The Coolibar Guarantee

Coolibar’s commitment to providing the highest quality sun protection possible is something we take very seriously. In the past few months, various news outlets posted articles questioning the effectiveness of sun protective clothing. In response, we decided to take a moment to clarify a few points about Coolibar sun protective clothing and our UPF 50+ guarantee. We invite and appreciate all feedback in the reply section below.

Does the UPF protection wear out or wash out? How can you be sure?

Because we are so meticulous about testing, we can absolutely guarantee UPF 50+ protection from the first day our product is worn until the last day.

Coolibar UV fabric testing results significantly exceed all published American and Australian standards and are submitted to the following tests:

  • UV transmittance tests performed according to the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists Test Method 183 (AATCC 183).
  • Fabrics tested both before and after life cycle exposure to laundering, sunlight, and chlorinated water according to American Society for Testing and Materials D 6544 (ASTM D 6544); (life cycle – 40 washings, exposure to 100 fading units of simulated sunlight).
  • Garments labeled according to the guidelines specified in American Society of Testing and Materials D 6603 (ASTM D 6603).
  • Each color of production fabric tested according to the Australian/New Zealand standard AS/NZS4399 for UV transmittance developed by the Australian Radiation Protection Agency And Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA)


Do you need to add additional sun protection to the product such as Sun Guard or wear sunscreen under Coolibar sunwear?

At Coolibar, we carefully develop technical fabrics that are then thoroughly tested at independent labs to ensure each product meets or exceeds our UPF 50+ standard. This UPF 50+ rating is the highest rating available to clothing and blocks more than 98% of harmful UVA and UVB rays. There is no need to add UV detergent to the clothing. Sunscreen is only required on areas of skin not covered by Coolibar clothing.


Do all sun protective clothing brands offer the same sun protection?

Other companies may claim their products offer UV protective qualities, but very few make the investment required to ensure lasting performance. Our experience has shown that a single UV fabric test does not accurately reflect the consistency of UVA & UVB blocking levels across similar fabrics or colors. Each year, we test over 600 samples of our production fabrics, at each stage of manufacturing, so that we can match the UV transmittance level of each Coolibar garment to exact test results. We use independent labs to test every color and every dye lot for each fabric used so that we can confidently guarantee the consistent level of UV protection throughout the life of each garment. We know of no other apparel company that can make the same claim and back it up with independent lab test results.

Inside Coolibar What's Hot

One UPF 50 Shirt, Five Looks

One of Coolibar’s favorite go to stylists Bridgette Raes recently created a blog post on styling the basic white t-shirt. We thought it was such a great idea, our Coolibar stylists translated it to UPF 50+ with our white ZnO Long Sleeve T-Shirt! View our outfit ideas below and you’ll realize UPF 50+ sunwear works with almost any outfit.

Take it to work…

Take it on the town…

Take it to dinner…

Take it to yoga…

Then wear it all weekend…

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Inside Coolibar

Healthy Life = Happy Life

Here at Coolibar, we talk a lot about healthy sunny living…and we’re good at it.  We apply sunscreen, put on hats and wear Coolibar UPF 50+ clothing when we’re outdoors because we know the important role sun protection plays in skin health.  We also know that skin health is just one aspect of a healthy balanced lifestyle. 

Lucky for us, our leadership team also recognizes we need more than just healthy skin.  So, to encourage overall health, Coolibar has teamed up with Lifetime Fitness, the Healthy Way of Life Company, to assist us in being healthy.  Collectively we have a variety of goals: stress relief, weight loss, strength training, etc. and all hope to transform into healthier, happier individuals.

During our first Coolibar team fitness demonstration we ran, we sweat, we laughed but mostly we had a lot of fun.  In fact, we forgot we were doing something good for ourselves (most of us anyway). We hope you do the same and not only make sun protection a part of your healthy lifestyle, but eat right, sleep and exercise too, as a healthy life is a happy life.

TRX Demo at Lifetime Fittness
Team Coolibar TRX Demo at Lifetime Fittness


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Coolibar Athletes

Athlete Molly Baross Travels Coolibar Style in Europe

What a gift to receive my Coolibar clothing as I was packing for my two month trip to Europe to compete in the World’s Master’s Synchronized Swimming competition in Riccione, Italy and attend my friend’s daughter’s wedding in France. Needless to say, I couldn’t take everything with me as I was going to be traipsing through the train stations in Italy and the metro system in France, so I had to travel light. 

While in Europe, I found I loved Coolibar hats! I wore the Santa Cruz Reversible Bucket Hat in navy and white as those are my team colors and I could accomplish being sun-protected as well as team identifiable!

I absolutely “lived” in the Sunblock Hoodie in bleached coral. The color went with so many of my other outfits that I wore it constantly. In the evening and afternoon I would tie it around my shoulders for additional warmth too. I love the fabric as it doesn’t wrinkle!

What activities did you partake in when wearing the shirt? 

I wore my Sunblock Hoodie all over France for a whole month.  It’s also a great cover up for the sun. When it isn’t needed it folds up very small and can be put in my purse or bag.  I absolutely love it and am looking at the other colors it is offered in!

What are your favorite features? 

I loved that it snaps easily if you want more sun protection during the day or warmth in the evening. No bulky buttons or zippers, just cute little snaps.

What are your overall thoughts on the fabric? 

The fabric is amazing!  It’s light yet protective, and also warm (versatile). It washes like a dream!

Did the fabric meet your expectations?

The fabric more than satisfied my expectations!

Did the fabric and shirt keep you cool? 

The fabric kept me warm in the early morning, cool in the afternoon sun, and comfortable in the evening!

Did the fabric stick to your skin? 

The fabric does not stick to the skin. It’s totally comfortable!

What do you want others to know about this shirt?

I would like your customers to know that this fabric is very comfortable, and breathable. I didn’t realize I had it on sometimes, it was that comfortable. Sometimes I needed to be a bit dressier than a tee-shirt and the Sunblock Hoodie looks smart and always fresh! I hope you can tell that I really loved it!

Thank you Coolibar,

Molly Baross

P.S. Wanted to let everyone know I won two gold medals at the Worlds Masters championship in Italy!


Molly displays her Gold Medal, Wearing Coolibar Santa Cruz Reversible Bucket Hat


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Coolibar Athletes

Peter Urban Reviews the Coolibar Sunblock Jacket

Coolibar Athlete Peter Urban plays tennis competively as often as he can. He’s done so for about 30 years now! Even though he’s had an encounter with skin cancer, he still pushes his outdoor game forward. Now he sports Coolibar’s UPF 50+ sunwear and wishes to share his thoughts with you. Read Peter’s review of the Coolibar Sunblock Jacket.

What are you overall thoughts on the shirt?

When Coolibar suggested that I try out the Sunblock Jacket, I was reluctant as I am used to hoodies and jackets being heavy, and not “breathing”. However, I was very surprised by the lightweight, breathable material.  I cannot believe that it is UPF 50! It is also quite compact in that I could pack it down to almost fit in the space between my palms cupped together. I also really like the shade of blue. I like being able to put the hood up to protect my head from the sun too.

What are your favorite features?

Lightweight, breathable fabric. Athletic tailoring that doesn’t leave a ton of extra fabric in the abdomen. Hoodie – breathable and light; I prefer wearing it to a hat because the hoodie is looser fitting and more comfortable than a hat.

What are your overall thoughts on the fabric?

Feather-light, soft and breathable. Nice top that doesn’t wrinkle.  Hoodie is tailored nicely so that it doesn’t have extra material that makes hoodies look sloppy.

Did the fabric meet your expectations?

It exceeded my expectations!

Did the fabric and shirt keep you cool?

Yes. Fabric breathes well and is lightweight.

Did the fabric stick to your skin?


What do you want others to know about this shirt?

The hoodie is versatile. You can wear it during the day, and even though it has long sleeves, it does not make you hot because the material breathes. You can put the hood up and down as needed. As a bonus, the hoodie is good for sporting events because unlike a hat, it won’t obstruct the view of people behind you. The hoodie is great at night as well as a lightweight way to take the chill off, even if you don’t leverage the UPF 50 protection.  

Do you have any tips to stay comfortable and safe out in the sun?

I suggest UPF clothing. It allows you to play sports without having to worry about putting sunscreen on your torso, including your back, which is the most difficult to reach spot. In fact, the back is where most melanomas are found on men. A regular cotton t-shirt provides inadequate protection at UPF 5. My dermatologist recommended a minimum of UPF 50 in order to stay safe in the sun.

Get the Coolibar Sunblock Jacket.

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Wellness Warriors

A Man Fascinated by the Desert and Extreme Heat

Ripley Davenport, a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, is a dedicated explorer and adventurer of desert regions. His curiosity and awe of the desert environment has led him to discover the wonders that the desert has to offer. By crossing the desert on foot Ripley has become very intimate with the landscape and the crucial preparation needed to survive.

Mr. Davenport is about to embark on a Death Valley Man Haul. Lucky for him, he has had on-foot experience crossing desolate and arid deserts. Recently in 2010 he man-hauled his way across the Manchurian Steppe and Gobi desert covering a little over 1000 miles and again in 2011 he walked another 1000 miles, leading an International team with 12 Bactrian camels, from West to East across a section of the Altai Mountains and Gobi desert.

His intent in Death Valley is to be completely self sufficient and entirely on foot throughout the 153 mile route from North to South through the Valley itself by manhauling a specially fabricated wheeled desert trailer, which will carry minimal water and provisions that weighs approximately 441 pounds across Death Valley, which consists of sand dunes, jagged mountains, salt-pans, washes and canyons. Read more about Ripley’s Death Valley Man Haul.

man haul desert trailer - photo courtesy of Emmanuel Berthier

Death Valley is the hottest and driest place in North America with the highest reliably reported temperature in the Western Hemisphere at 134 degrees F. The average daily temperature is 114.7 degrees F.

Extreme temperatures, dry conditions and sparse vegetation will push ones mental, physical and physiological limitations, therefore, strategic preparation is essential for a successful trek. Mr. Davenport says, “I travel very light and take minimal gear. There’s no point in taking anything that you are not going to use. If you have to question why you should take something, you shouldn’t take it at all.”

Ripley needs sun protection he can rely on while in Death Valley. His gear list includes the Coolibar sun gaiter, full finger gloves, ultra sport hat and face sun shield to keep him safe from UV. We will be checking in with Ripley throughout his man haul. Stay tuned for more on Ripley Davenport and his wild desert- loving adventures.

 See Coolibar’s UPF 50+ gear for Ultimate Sun Protection.

Ripley Davenport - photo courtesy of Emmanuel Berthier
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Coolibar Athletes

Athlete Kristie Cranford Reviews Coolibar Fitness Shirt

Coolibar Athlete Kristie Cranford is a certified personal trainer, coach, marathoner, health blogger, mother and melanoma survivor. Her active, seven days a week lifestyle has prompted Kristie to try just about every active apparel brand on the market. Because of her battle with skin cancer, Kristie also understands the importance of protecting her skin. She put Coolibar’s UPF 50+ sunwear to the test and now shares her thoughts on its technical performance. Read Kristie’s review of the Coolibar Fitness Shirt.

The Coolibar Fitness Shirt is fashionable, functional, and durable. The shirt is classic, has a flattering fit and is easy to care for.

What activities did you partake in when wearing the shirt?

I have worn it to the gym, running, and casually out to dinner. 

What are your favorite features?

The textured fabric was unexpected giving it visual appeal. I wore it in direct sun, 106 degree heat and could not feel the sun’s searing heat. I felt protected. 

What are your overall thoughts on the fabric?

Soft, easy to care for, holds the shape. Again, love the texture, unexpected. 

Did the fabric meet your expectations?

Exceeded. Very high quality. I have tried almost every “fitness” brand. This fabric is durable, easy to care for, and soft. 

Did the fabric and shirt keep you cool?

YES! I was in 106 degree sun, running in the desert. I was amazed! 

Did the fabric stick to your skin?

No, I was sweating and it wicked away moisture. It was comfortable to wear and not heavy when it was sweat soaked. 

What do you want others to know about this shirt?

In the running world there are “known” fitness brands. I’ve tried almost all of them. This shirt will be my go-to long sleeve fitness shirt.  It is comfortable, functional and attractive. 

Please provide any additional comments you would like to share with us!

I have worn the shirt with jeans, and layered under a suit. Versatile shirt.

Wish it came in a short sleeve option too. (Coming soon)


Any tips to stay comfortable/safe out in the sun?

There is no room for debate when it comes to sun protection, tough love here. I am a Melanoma survivor and sun protection should be automatic, like breathing. Sunscreen should be put on every day just like you put on clothes.  I use Raw Elements’ Eco Stick. It fits in my purse, my running shorts and in the built in pocket in all the Coolibar swim bottoms

I recently ran a half marathon where the starting temperature was 95 degrees. We were under the baking sun for the duration of the race. I carried my Eco Stick and reapplied during the race. It goes on underwater, so of course it goes on over sweat. No excuse not to protect yourself from the sun.

Do your best to avoid the sun during the peak part of the day, and if you cannot, look for shade, wear UV protective sunglasses, a hat, sunscreen (don’t forget to reapply) and UV protective clothing. 

Get the Coolibar Fitness Shirt.

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SunAWARE Wellness Warriors

Coach Karl Dunbar Talks NFL Training Camp

With only a few weeks of summer left, the NFL Training Camps are kicking into gear this Thursday, July 26, 2012. Karl Dunbar, defensive line coach for the New York Jets (former DL coach for the Minnesota Vikings) talks about how he’s preparing for the weeks ahead and what he loves most about training camp.

1. How would you best describe training camp from a coaching perspective?

The best way to describe training camp for a coach that goes off to camp is “sanctuary”. It’s a time to get away and focus just on football!

2. What are you most looking forward to this training season?

The thing I’m looking forward to the most is getting to Cortland, NY and getting to know my new guys! With the limited days of OTA’s and MiniCamps, it’s hard to really see them in physical action. This will be the time!

3. How long do players train each day during training camp?

The players only get four hours on the field, but the meeting time is limitless. That is why I love going to camp. They have nowhere else to go, they are all yours!  🙂

4. Is it mostly outdoors?

I think most practices will be outdoors if weather permits. It’s that time of year you need to be outside and it helps because we play outdoors alone with Miami, New England and Buffalo.

5. How do players protect themselves from the elements (heat and sun)?

The trainers do a great job of keeping the players hydrated, and we feed them well so they keep their weight up. We do let them get their rest too. Being away at camp helps limit the players access to outside sources (family, friends and curfew keeps them off their feet).

6. What is your role in guiding players during training camp?

My role as a “Coach” is to get these guys ready to play at a high level. I have to teach them proper technique and make sure they learn our playbook so they know what to do. It’s fun because I’ve played the position at this level, and I can relate to what most of them are going through.

7. How do you protect yourself from the sun during training camp?

Over the years, I’ve protected myself from the sun with sweatshirts and sunscreen. Now that I have Coolibar gear, I will be using that to protect my skin from the sun along with sunscreen! Lightweight Coolibar clothing is just what the doctor ordered. It protects me from the sun and keeps me cool in the process.

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Coolibar Athletes

Athlete Tania Prymak reviews Coolibar Water Jacket and Bike Gloves

Coolibar Athlete Tania Prymak competes in ski cross by winter, but in the summer, she builds her endurance by biking 20 miles every day. Despite having kidney disease, Tania pushes herself hard in hopes of qualifying for an Olympic spot on the U.S. ski cross team. She also knows that whether she’s biking on the pavement, or rushing down the snowy slopes, she needs to keep UV rays at bay. Now, after wearing Coolibar’s UPF 50+ sunwear during her training, she shares her thoughts on the Coolibar Water Jacket and Bike Gloves.

What are you overall thoughts on the shirt?

Very practical and comfortable activity shirt! Its fabric makes the shirt extremely light and is soft on the skin. The gloves fit very well and the padding on the palms prevent my hands from hurting when I bike.

What activities did you partake in when wearing the shirt?

I use the jacket and bike gloves when I bike 20 miles every day.

What are your favorite features?

The light feeling of the jacket is my favorite feature and the padding on the bike gloves.

What are your overall thoughts on the fabric?

The fabric on the jacket is great; it’s light and breathable. The bike gloves are much thicker and do not allow the skin on the hands to breathe as much.

Did the fabric meet your expectations?

The fabric exceeded my expectations. I would like if the bike gloves were made of the same fabric as the jacket, lighter fabric.

Did the fabric and shirt keep you cool?

Yes, it did a great job allowing me to stay cool even though I was sweating.

Did the fabric stick to your skin?

The fabric did not stick to my skin at all.

What do you want others to know about this shirt?

It is an amazing and practical shirt for active women who want to protect their skin from sunburn and look great at the same time!

Any additional comments you would like to share with us?

The shirt is really great, it fits well and I love wearing it. I constantly use the bike gloves so I have a few comments on them. The fabric is okay, but it would be nice if it were made of the same fabric as the jacket. Also instead of bike gloves that cover the entire hand, maybe have bike gloves that cut off at the knuckles and leave the finger tips exposed. It would also be nice if the bike gloves cut off at the wrist instead of coming down the forearm.

On the same subject, has Coolibar ever considered creating bike jerseys? I think it would be a great idea and I can think of many friends of mine who would love to use it!  It would also allow sponsored athletes like me to get Coolibar’s name out there! What if you did some promotional bike jerseys with the Coolibar logo/advertisement? I know I would wear it numerous times a week.

For hotter days, short sleeve or no sleeves would be great, and for cooler bike days long sleeves with light fabric.

Any tips to stay comfortable/safe out in the sun?

If you’re blonde and fair skinned like me, you cannot risk being severely sunburned while playing your favorite sport. Coolibar products allow you to stay cool and be safe at the same time no matter what you’re doing!


Tania Prymak Biking in Coolibar Water Jacket


Get the Coolibar Water Jacket.

Get Coolibar Gloves.

Read other Coolibar Athlete product reviews.

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Sun Protection Clothing SunAWARE

Choosing the Perfect Sun Hat

 With so many sun hats to choose from, how do you narrow it down to the perfect one? The three most important factors to consider are: brim size and shape, material, and the activity for use.

Brim size is a fundamental factor in the level of UV protection provided by a sun hat. Most physicians recommend a minimum brim of 3 inches or greater. Coolibar sun protection hats range from 3 inches to 8 inches in brim size. Brim size is most important for blocking direct UV rays.  

The shape of the sun hat and brim also impacts the hat’s UV blocking ability. In some environments, there may be significant dispersed or reflected UV. This dispersed UV can bounce up underneath the brim of the sun hat and will often strike areas lower on your face such as your chin and cheeks. In general, brims that curve down and sit closer to your face will provide better protection against this reflected UV. For complete sun protection, it is best to also use sunscreen on your lower face area while wearing a sun hat.

Another approach to protecting against reflected UV is to wear a flap hat. Sun hats with flaps can almost completely protect your skin from reflected UV where the fabric lies on your skin – such as your ears and neck. Some sunblock hats with flaps have an extended neck flap that can wrap all the way around to the front of your face and provide excellent protection for your chin and cheeks.

The second key factor for UV protection is the material used to make the sun protection hat. Look for a hat constructed from material rated UPF 50+, meaning it will block 98% of the direct UVA and UVB falling on it. Cotton canvas typically provides good to excellent sun protection. Straw hats with a tightweave or fabric lining under the brim will keep your face shaded too.

One other factor that has a modest affect on sun protection is the color of the underbrim. A sun hat with a dark underbrim will absorb more reflected UV that could bounce down on to your face and thus provide more protection for your skin as well as help minimize UV and glare on your eyes.  

Finally, consider what you’ll be doing outdoors while wearing the hat. If you’ll be in a windy environment, opt for a hat with a locking chin strap. For water or other physical activities, look for a wicking or chlorine resistant hat material. And of course, for an outdoor wedding, picnic or other fashionable occasion go for the oversize brim that will provide excellent coverage and a stunning look.

If you consider these factors in selecting a sun protection hat, you can be confident your choice will provide excellent sun protection.  

Shapeable Pooliside Hat
Sun Hats for Women
Shapeable Wide Brim Hat
Sun Hats for Men
Girl's Chlorine Resistant Bucket Hat
Sun Hats for Kids