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The Coolibar office is a buzz this week. We’re all looking forward to a long Thanksgiving weekend, a time dedicated to giving thanks. Some of us will travel far and some just across town to share a home cooked meal with our loved ones. But before we’re off, we wanted to take a moment and reflect on what we’re thankful for at Coolibar.

At Coolibar, we are thankful for…

A fantastic work environment
You may not know that our Minnesota office is home to our entire team. That means our customer service, distribution, marketing, creative and design teams are all under the same roof. We have the unique opportunity to interact with each other daily, reinforcing our shared passion for sun protection – which makes for a fun & engaging work environment.

A SunAWARE message that’s being heard
Skin cancer rates continue to rise, making it the most common cancer in the United States and UV exposure is a leading cause. Skin protection is the easiest method to not only fight skin cancer but also protect from the visible changes commonly attributed to skin aging.  As celebrities such as Hugh Jackman, Charlize Theron and Kevin Nealon are in the media discussing the need for skin protection the public is tuning in and trading in their tan for a wide brimmed hat and rash guard.

You, our passionate customers
Coolibar customers are the best! You’re smart, passionate and loyal and keep us happily coming to work every day. You started a dialog (before social media) and challenge us to evolve and become even more relevant to your daily lives. Thank you!

Enjoy the holiday, spend time with your loved ones and remember what you’re thankful for.
From all of us at Coolibar, Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from Coolibar
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