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NEW Coolibar Convertible Polo Review – We’ve got more up our “sleeve”

UPF 50+ Convertible Polos

Over the past months, Coolibar’s merchandising team has been hard at work designing new sun protection apparel, always keeping practicality, purpose and fashion in mind. One of the more exciting parts of creating new products is putting them up to the test!

One of our new developments, the Coolibar Convertible Polo, is an innovative short sleeve golf polo containing separate matching sun sleeves that fit snugly to protect arms from UV rays. This unique polo also contains ZnO SUNTET® fabric which embeds millions of tiny particles of zinc oxide (the same ingredient that is used in better sunscreens) into every fiber.

Recently, we came across the perfect opportunity to obtain some solid feedback on our new Convertible Polo.  Dr. Manju George, a board certified pediatric dermatologist who provides personalized care for children and young adults at her private office in Florida, was excited to be one of the first to try this new sun protection polo and give us her input.

1. What are your overall thoughts on the Coolibar Convertible Polo?

It looks a lot better when you wear it; more appealing on the body 

2. How many times in a wearing did you put the sleeves on and take them off?

Two or three

3. What activities did you partake in while wearing the sleeves?

Outdoor soccer and playing in the park

4. How would you rate the ease of taking the sleeves on and off (Easy, Somewhat Easy, Moderate, Somewhat Difficult, Difficult)?

Somewhat Easy

5. How well did the removable sleeves “stay put” while on your arms?

Stayed well

6. What are your overall thoughts on the ZnO SUNTECT® fabric for this garment?

I love the fabric. Very lightweight and very comfortable!

7. Did the fabric help keep you cool?


8. Would you recommend this garment to a friend?


9. Any additional feedback?

Love the color!! [She tried our Passion Pink Convertible Polo]

Women's Convertible Polo in Passion Pink

Coolibar welcomes comments and recommendations. If you get an opportunity to try our new Convertible Polo, please feel free to provide us with your feedback on our Blog comments section or on Facebook.

The Coolibar Convertible Polo for Men and Women is now available at Coolibar. Save $10 each when you purchase two or more!

Coolibar’s SUNTECT® brand fabrics have a guaranteed Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) of 50+ for the life of the garment. Remember to avoid unprotected exposure at any time but especially between the hours of peak ultraviolet radiation (between 10:00am and 4:00pm) and seek shade. Wear sun protective clothing, including a long-sleeve shirt, a hat with a three-inch brim, and sunglasses. Be SunAWARE and be safe. 

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  • Frederick Feiner

    AT long last a short sleeve polo returns — i have saved my nine short sleeve ones for years of golfing — i bought out your remaining stock years ago – i hope these wear as well and are as comfortable and wash as well.

    • jannett

      Frederick, the new polo’s are made of our ZnO SUNTECT (cotton blend, with a bit of stretch, and zinc oxide to protect and soothe) which is soft and breathable, plus you have the option of the sleeve if you would like to use it. I really think you will like our new polo’s! You’ll want to replace the 9 you currently have in your closet.

  • Patricia Bowser

    Just recently have had to cover up head to toe for health reasons – NO SUN!! Received two of your Convertible Polo’s as gifts and I really can’t say enough about their feel when you wear them; the colors are awesome and they are cool. Would you consider selling just the sleeves so that I could again wear some of the many short sleeve polo’s that I have in my closet.

  • jannett

    Yes, we have new ZnO Sun Sleeves that are sold separately! They should be available in a few weeks, item #07009. We will also have swim sleeves this summer made of our aqua SUNTECT fabric. Both come in great colors, look for them soon!

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