Draft Agreement In Portuguese

The basic copy of the employment contract (copia basica) must be in Spanish. The official employment contract is provided by the employment agency only in Spanish. If companies issue additional employment contracts, they can technically be in any language, but a Spanish version is highly recommended, because in case of conflict, the judge makes a decision on the basis of the Spanish translation. Legal obligation to execute individual employment contracts in Romanian (a bilingual format, including a Romanian version, is also possible). It is not a legal obligation for internal rules or guidelines to be in Romanian, but it is highly recommended. The employment contract and employment rules should be provided in the language that workers can understand. If the working rules are in a foreign language, a Japanese translation must be submitted to the office. Written agreements must be concluded in the Indonesian language (using the Latin alphabet), since Article 28, paragraph 1, of Presidential Regulation No. 63 of 2019 on the use of the Indonesian language requires that the Indonesian language be used in official communication in the workplaces of government authorities and private bodies. The regulation is silent on sanctions for non-compliance. However, the use of the Indonesian language prevents employees from claiming that they do not fully understand the information or that they have not been properly informed by the company. Bilingual treaties can be prepared, but Indonesian language provisions are a priority. An additional guarantee that you can include in the draft sales contract is the “recognition of signatures”.

Legal obligation to draft work-related documents in Polish so that they are mandatory. possibility of preparing these documents in a bilingual version (e.g.B. Polish-English); However, in case of disagreement, the Polish version takes precedence. Buyers and sellers sign the draft sales contract. On this date, the buyer also pays the acomptt to the seller. No legal requirements. It is common for agreements to be in English. If the worker does not understand the language in which the agreement is concluded, the agreement must be confirmed. a judge or labour agent shall draw up a written document clarifying that the worker has given his or her voluntary consent to the contract and that his or her consent has not been obtained by coercion, undue influence, misrepresentation or error; the contract complies with the Labour Law; and that the person in charge of the work is satisfied that the worker has understood the contractual conditions before accepting it definitively. You pay a bill to the owner with the draft sales contract. Normally, this would be between 10% and 20% of the agreed price.

Both the conditions precedent and the amount of the acomphement are things on which buyers and sellers must agree. In Angola, which has not yet signed the agreement, there are different stages of the Portuguese language, much like in other Portuguese-speaking African countries. No legal requirements as long as the employee understands the agreement. If issues remain outstanding, they can be resolved during the period between the project and the final treaty. You can agree with your lawyer on issues that are important as conditions precedent. The draft sales contract indicates the date before which the final sales contract is signed. Any derogations from this rule may be retained as conditions precedent in the draft contract of sale. For example, you could add a condition that the contract is only valid if you receive, before the final purchase date, a document in which the municipality confirms that you can build in the countryside.

If the municipality`s response is that you cannot build in the countryside, the contract is terminated and the seller must refund your deposit. . . .

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