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Introducing…The Coolibar Blog (Video)

John Barrow - Coolibar President

Over the years, we at Coolibar have been introduced to many “Movers and Shakers” in the world of sun protection and skin cancer prevention.  We also have the most amazing customers who have inspired us with their stories of strength and determination. 

We decided to create The Coolibar Blog as a place to bring all these voices together in one spot to share our collective experience of the best ways to live life safely in the sun.

We hope you enjoy our posts and contribute to the conversation.

Who is Coolibar anyway?

Coolibar is a sun protection clothing specialist.  We see ourselves as an authority on all things related to sun protection, that’s what we do.  We live, eat, sleep, and breathe sun protection.  Essentially what we’re doing is we’re taking sunscreen ingredients and adding them into the manufacturing process, so that we’re embedding the sunscreen ingredients into the fabric.

Most of our customers have some health related reason for purchasing from us.  There is a growing group of customers that purchase from us because they simply want to buy the best sun protective products they can get.

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July 1, 2010

1 Comment

  • Phillip Jones

    I wear gloves, shirts, sleeves, and head masks to prevent more damage to my skin. After living in 4 deserts and on tropical islands, my skin is very bad. My hands have NO healthy skin left. yet I still travel to Kuwait, Oman, and Saudi Arabia, wearing your clothing. Even after a long day fishing, my skin does not burn. i am cooler at end of day. Great clothes!

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