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A comprehensive resource to support learning of medical language and to prepare students and doctors for clinical work. Private Rooms: List of rooms offered by students The deadline for the 2021 spring semester is the 27th of November 2020. Max. 4 weeks of mandatory lafaulatur can be accomplished abroad. In addition, a maximum of 4 weeks of bachelor`s/master`s degree can be recognized as a free education benefit. Main Library of the University of Innsbruck (central library), Innrain lat. famulus: `assistant`, `Diener` A mandatory internship for medical students The registration program for free mover student internships in the KPJ quarters of the 6th year is as follows for students abroad in 2019/20 via MedCampus: before and after the Erasmus stay, students must complete language instruction in relation to their language skills in the OLS system (with the exception of the mother tongue). An invitation is emailed to the nominated students. A famulature is possible in the following Chinese universities: Note: You will find the KPJ guidelines on the black board.

The family is accompanied by an UPE grant of 750 euros. – for a stay abroad under the CPP, for a period of at least one month, ask for assistance for studies abroad. For stays abroad of less than one month, you can apply for study assistance (PDF) (same amount as for the allowance abroad). The application for pre-detection must be submitted to the examination and recognition service. You can also apply to AMSA (Austrian Medical Students` Association) for a place in famulaturplatz. More information can be found on the AMSA homepage. The family must be completed in a university hospital and/or a teaching hospital abroad. Students hostelsStudentenheime in InnsbruckStudentenheime .H . – request education assistance (PDF) for training abroad (same amount as for foreign aid). . You can follow the famulature and parts of the Clinical-Practice Year (KPJ) for human medicine studies also outside Austria.

However, there are a few conditions that you should absolutely keep in mind if this draws you off. Your main residence has been in O-O for at least a year and you still have a funding gap for your stay abroad? Then you can apply for a scholarship from the country O- as part of the internationalization program for students.

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