Lng Canada Project Labour Agreement

To the extent possible, LNG Canada will be awarded request for proposal (RFP) contracts to contractors and suppliers who have already been technically and commercially assessed as capable of providing the necessary goods and/or services. In other cases, LNG Canada will continue to use the services of existing providers. In some cases, we will enter into contracts from a single source to meet other project commitments. This year was loaded for the LNG Canada project. Discover the progress made by the JGC Fluor team and its range of contractors and subcontractors this year 2021. LNG Canada will undertake seasonal work this summer to put the project in the best possible position to meet schedule requirements if LNG Canada`s joint venture participants make a final investment decision later in 2018. Our doors are open again to answer all questions and answer any request regarding the LNG Canada CONSTRUCTION PROJECT. The structural steel supplied by Gitga`at Waiward Industrial to the LNG Canada project will be used to build a number of on-site facilities. Deliveries are expected to begin in early 2021 and continue until December 2022. The signatories to this Agreement (the Parties) undertake to cooperate to facilitate an effective, accountable, transparent, timely and predictable federal review of the proposed project and to contribute to the fulfillment of the Crown`s duty to consult with Aboriginal groups. The Parties commit to a national approach to Aboriginal consultation, integrated to the extent possible into the environmental assessment and regulatory process. For more information on the whole-of-government approach, including the roles and responsibilities of departments and agencies, as well as coordination during project review, see Appendix I of the companion document.

LNG Canada and Coastal GasLink, the pipeline project that will transport natural gas from northeast B.C. for the LNG export facility, approximately 10,000 Canadian workers are needed for the contract. Coastal GasLink has already announced that it has awarded $620 million in contracts to First Nations, and an additional $400 million has been awarded during the remainder of construction. Kitimat, B.C. – Industrial custodians at LNG Canada`s Kitimat site, represented by UNITE HERE Local 40, have ratified a standard union agreement with Gitxaala Horizon North Services LP. The agreement includes a commitment to hire from First Nations and local communities, dramatic improvements in health services, health and safety protections and significant wage increases. The agreement with Gitxaala Horizon North Services LP includes industrial janitors who disinfect and clean the buildings of the $40 billion LNG Canada pipeline project. The Union Bargaining Committee reached its first 3-year collective agreement after workers formed a union last summer and engaged in difficult negotiations for months during the pandemic. As COVID-19 cases have increased in northern British Columbia and the provincial government has limited labour at construction sites and warehouses, this new contract provides job security and better working conditions for kitimat warehouse workers. About 249 workers were hired by LNG Canada or its contractors in October 2018, the first month of the project`s construction phase, according to a press release from LNG Canada. Need more information? Please download our project fact sheets. This is a new project built on 400 acres of land in the Kitimat Industrial Zone in British Columbia, Canada.

JGC Fluor BC LNG JV (JFJV) is planning and building the LNG Canada plant as a brand new plant. Once completed, the facility will include a natural gas LNG receiving and production facility, as well as a naval terminal that can accommodate two LNG carriers, a tow dock and LNG loading lines. The facility will also include LNG processing units, storage tanks, a train station, a water treatment plant and flare stacks. Now that the LNG Canada project has received a positive final investment decision, we will be looking for skilled workers throughout the construction phase of the project. At the peak of construction, we estimate that we will need 4,500 to 7,500 people to build the LNG Canada project. In operation, LNG Canada will create approximately 300 to 450 permanent jobs. LNG Canada has selected JGC Fluor BC LNG Joint Venture (JFJV) as its Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contractor. JFJV strives to provide local businesses with information about potential contracts and employment opportunities, and to connect local individuals and businesses with larger entrepreneurs who might be looking for additional resources to complete their work. .

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