Mahcp Pharmacy Collective Agreement

104 No employee may enter into a separate agreement that conflicts with the provisions of this Agreement. b) If the association objects to the rate of pay set by the employer for a new or modified classification, as mentioned a) above, the parties shall enter into negotiations and endeavour to reach agreement on an appropriate salary scale within 30 days. If such an agreement is not concluded, the matter shall be submitted to arbitration in accordance with Article 27 – Arbitration. 2309 A worker on leave of up to one (1) year covered by this collective agreement is entitled to revert to his or her previous classification. The employer must make all reasonable efforts to ensure that the employee returns to his or her previous position. 1211 If the employer intends to make a material change to the normal work day, start and end times, normal shiftwork, normal work week or normal shift rotation, the employer will seek the consent of the majority of the employees concerned at a meeting held to discuss and consider those changes. A duly designated representative of the Association shall have seven (7) days to attend this meeting and express the Opinion of the Association on a proposal from the Employer and submit alternative proposals for consideration. In case of cancellation of the implementation of the alternative proposals, notice period for the purposes of the long term, leave rights and salary increases in accordance with this Agreement. Under the general supervision of the designated pharmacy manager, the incumbent operator is responsible for providing pharmacy services to meet the medical and medical needs of inpatients and outpatients.

This includes monitoring drug treatment, information and medication information. “In particular, why is the Manitoba Nurses Union able to reach a collective agreement fairly quickly compared to what other of us are doing?” The majority of the members of the Central Table collective units who voted ratified the collective agreement. New collective agreements will apply to the following tariff units from April 1, 2010 to March 31, 2014. The group and several other unions representing health care workers have met with the province on six different occasions since Nov. 18. The purpose of the meetings was to develop collective agreements between the province and employees who work for organizations such as the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (WRHA), Moroz said. The MAHCP Bargaining Committee, composed of Wendy Despins – President, Lee Manning – Executive Director and ten MAHCP members sitting in the 22 bargaining units of the MAHCP CENTRAL TABLE, recommended that members accept the preliminary agreement. 2202 The temporary exemption tax may not, as a general rule, exceed six (6) consecutive weeks; however, this obligation of temporary compensation may be extended by mutual agreement between the employer and the association. Any anticipated vacancy that exceeds six (6) weeks or the mutually agreed time frame will be reserved as a temporary position.

a written statement must be sent to the association. If, after careful consideration, the employer still plans to implement the change, affected employees will be notified at least sixty (60) days in advance. The notice period may be adjusted by mutual agreement between the association and the employer. Winnipeg (September 2011) – On August 31, 2011, after seventy-nine days of negotiations, a preliminary agreement was reached between the Manitoba Association of Health Professionals (CDR) and Manitoba health care employers involved in central bargaining with the CDR. Each of these employees will be surplus if reasonably possible. The association is notified by the employer when an application for an employee`s rehabilitation and return program is made. The employer must involve the association in the first meeting with the employee to review the provisions of the program to ensure that the specified work respects its limits and limitations. If necessary, the employer plans subsequent (advancement) reviews with the association and the employee and may proceed without the participation of the association, subject to the consent of the union. If necessary, job offers may be lifted by agreement between the employer and the association. 2102 An employee who must plan and work on a holiday shall be given one and a half times (1 Â1/2X) his or her principle for normal daylight hours. In addition, a full-time employee is granted one paid day of rest within thirty (30) days before or after the leave. If an employee is offered a compensatory day, but is not used by an employee by mutual agreement, that employee receives an additional daily wage at the base rate in his place.

e) Subject to the mutual agreement of the parties, the total number of the above-mentioned employees may be changed, provided that additional employees are in the process of claiming salaries. In such cases, the association reimburses the employer for the Manitoba government`s salary, benefits and payroll tax. The MAHCP Bargaining Committee, consisting of Wendy Despins – President, Lee Manning – Executive Director and ten MAHCP members working in the 22 bargaining units of the MAHCP Central Table, recommended that members accept the provisional agreement. *Some MOU numbers were deliberately left blank to ensure uniform numbering in all collective agreements The majority of members of the Central Table collective bargaining units who voted ratified the collective agreement. The following tariff units have new collective agreements that run from April 1, 2010 to March 31, 2014. 1501 a) In the event of an emergency or disaster (a sudden, generally unexpected event or a series of circumstances that overwhelm the Employer`s available resources and have significant effects requiring immediate action) declared by the CHIEF Executive Officer/Chief Operating Officer or an agent, employees are required to perform the assigned duties notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Agreement. Compensation for unusual working conditions related to such an emergency situation shall be determined by subsequent discussions between the employer and the association and/or, where appropriate, by the complaints procedure, with the exception that the provisions of Article 13 apply to overtime worked. Although about two-thirds of mahcp central table members voted to ratify the preliminary agreement, five bargaining units rejected the proposed settlement. The majority of MAHCP members of the Central Table`s collective bargaining units who voted ratified the collective agreement.

This article does not exclude the implementation of self-management and/or flexible working hours by mutual agreement between the association and the employer. That Agreement shall take the form of an addendum annexed to this Agreement and forming part of this Agreement. 2610 Nothing in this Agreement shall prevent the resolution of any dispute or claim in any matter whatsoever by mutual agreement between the Association and the Employer. 2608 All complaints must be examined and settled on the basis of their individual merits and must not be dismissed on the basis of any formality. However, it is clearly understood that the deadlines set therein serve and must be respected in accordance with the Regulation. The above deadlines may be extended by mutual agreement between the parties, as confirmed in writing. 2614 Nothing in this Agreement precludes the resolution of a complaint by mutual written agreement between the employer and the Association in any manner whatsoever or the voluntary written extension of the time limits fixed ….

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