Schwab Private Client Agreement

6. Conditions apply. See schwab.com/guarantee. Supervisors who oversee SPC representatives typically review a variety of factors on a quarterly basis, including but not limited to customer suitability, asset allocation data, and internal notes to ensure that the SPC service itself and safety recommendations within the department are appropriate. Day-to-day monitoring functions, including review of trading activities, portfolio construction, oral, written and electronic correspondence with clients, money movements, product sales and recommendations, are carried out by a central monitoring team. Schwab is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Charles Schwab Corporation (“CSCorp”), a Delaware corporation listed and listed on the New York Stock Exchange (symbol: SCHW). Schwab is not only registered as an investment advisor under the Investment Advisors Act of 1940, but also as a broker-dealer under the Stock Exchange Act of 1934 and a member of FINRA. Schwab provides brokerage services to clients in the United States and, in certain circumstances, outside the United States. In addition to the brokerage business, Schwab offers its clients a variety of investment information services and products, including seminars, magazines, reports, guides, planning tools, brochures and other publications on securities and investment techniques.

Schwab also offers certain online data and financial information services. You acknowledge and understand the risks associated with pledging PAL`s securities as collateral, including, but not limited to, risks associated with a payment or warranty claim, security failures or maintenance events, as per the terms of your PAL loan documents and collateral agreements and demands. Some of the key risks are: While markets are in crisis, the company is focusing on what it does best: innovation on behalf of customers. Schwab is going mobile and in the cloud, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are becoming increasingly popular and fund management capabilities are growing. By the end of 2012, client assets had reached $2 trillion. Charles Schwab Bank also offers deposit accounts and loan products to Schwab brokerage clients and others who have no relationship with Schwab. SSC customers may be introduced to certain Schwab Bank products by SSC representatives who will receive compensation for such introductions as described in the “Clearing” section. Financial advisors may also receive compensation under the secured asset line® offered by Charles Schwab Bank. The SPCIA representatives assigned to your registered accounts will advise you according to your situation and your individual needs, without discretion.

They follow specific advisory policies and guidelines (either Schwab guidelines and policies adopted by SPCIA, or separate policies and policies formulated specifically for SPCIA and adopted by SPCIA) that specify the universe of recommended titles, subject to an exception procedure. Schwab relies on research conducted both internally and by select subsidiaries and contributes significantly to the consulting policies and guidelines followed by SPCIA representatives. Research is based on quantitative, qualitative, technical and fundamental analyses. These include, for example, Schwab`s methods of valuation and valuation of stocks, mutual funds and ETFs. The analysis underlying advisory policies and guidelines, as well as the evaluation and rating of various investments, take into account the assessment of risk and return and the maintenance of a minimum level of diversification. A SCIS Committee reviews, approves and amends the consultation guidelines and guidelines that SCIS representatives follow. REPRESENTATIVES of SPCIA may supplement research provided by the Schwab Center for Financial Research with additional sources of information, which may include, but are not limited to, financial journals, journals and/or research reports prepared by third parties and provided to Schwab`s representatives and clients. 1988: Financial Advisors Service exceeds $1 billion in client assets after just one year of operation. Without admitting or denying these allegations, Schwab agreed to pay a total of approximately $118,944,996 in fees and penalties.

As part of the settlement with the SEC, Schwab has agreed to take a number of steps to improve procedures and strengthen Schwab`s commitment to its customers. .

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