Should I Sign My Severance Agreement

Here are the most important issues to consider in severance pay: From a bargaining perspective, you start negotiations that could be most damaging to you. Depending on the work you do and the industry in which you do them, you should at least be able to determine which rights are not worth a month`s salary with the help of advice on the Internet. I strongly advise you to make this decision only after consulting a lawyer who takes care of the affairs of the staff for a success fee. If he/she does not assume your case, he/she will tell you why not and give you an idea of the rights you want to protect, even if he/she does not think that his/her time is worth representing you. That`s about the minimum of the rights you waive, the obligations you assume, and the remedies you accept in exchange for a month`s salary. You are the only one who knows if you are desperately looking for that money to cancel your existing rights and assume additional legal obligations of this size. And while most termination agreements give you three or four weeks to make a decision, and a week or two to revoke them, dozens of people have told me that they signed these agreements on the spot without asking anyone for advice. If you receive severance pay, you must sign an agreement. It is important to thoroughly check this agreement before signing it. An employer will ask you to lose your right to assert a right against them and may ask for additional promises, for example. B that you do not work for a competitor in the industry, that you do not advertise for its customers or that you do not recruit its employees. I know how tempting it is to sign the redundancy agreement.

Normally, he comes with a check for a month`s salary. Maybe even three or six months. You didn`t know it was going to happen, or you didn`t think it would happen so quickly or this way. You are in shock. Apart from yourself, really. They may not live pay-to-wage, but the economy hasn`t really recovered yet, at least for the vast majority of American workers. You need one month`s salary and your health insurance, which will be paid until the end of the year. You don`t think clearly. Even if you don`t intend to file a complaint against your former employer, an employment lawyer can help you negotiate a better termination agreement. In addition, the lawyer can identify legal options that you (and perhaps even your employer) did not know existed. Do you still have questions about termination agreements? Do you need help applying this information to your own case? Please feel free to contact us to discuss your specific situation.

If you feel that your rights have been violated or if you believe that you have been wrongly considered an independent contractor, you should collect evidence in your case. . . .

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