This is Brave

This is Brave: Advocating for Protection and Prevention

There are various forms of advocacy. When it comes to working with lawmakers on federal, state and local levels to advocate for new and innovative science, and policies and regulations to benefit the melanoma community, the Melanoma Research Foundation (MRF) leads the charge. They’ve helped increase melanoma research funding for all types of melanoma—including mucosal, ocular and pediatric—while improving access to quality care and skin cancer prevention activities. Some of its most notable accomplishments include preserving the indoor tanning tax, age restricting indoor tanning, and pushing for access to sunscreen in schools.

We are proud to be a part of that. For the past two years, a member of the Coolibar team has traveled to Washington D.C. to share their personal story and experience with melanoma. It’s an honor to join individuals from across the country to speak to our state representatives about the importance of skin cancer awareness and funding. Together, we’ve helped allocate millions of dollars to life-saving research. We welcome everyone with a skin cancer story to consider joining the MRF in Washington D.C. when we can all come together again. You can learn more here:

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