The Jeffersons The Agreement

Monroe and Livingston took over what Jefferson later called a “fugitive event,” immediately began negotiations, and on April 30 reached an agreement that exceeded their authority — the purchase of the Louisiana Territory, including New Orleans, for $15 million. The acquisition of approximately 827,000 square miles would double the size of the United States. Based on a statement about the marital arrangements of a conversation with Mr. Bentley, George interferes in Lionels and Jenny`s relationship by suggesting that Lionel sign Jenny one. As a result, Jenny and Lionel find themselves in a big argument that ends with the marriage ending. Meanwhile, Louise makes a bet with George that Lionel will be furious with her proposal, but George tries to hide Lionel`s reaction from Louise. George pushes Lionel and Jenny to separate because of a marriage contract he offers. George`s proposal of a marriage contract creates friction between Jenny and Lionel- and George loves every minute. George wants Jenny to sign a financial agreement for a divorce— before she and Lionel get married.

Lionel: Damon Evans. Louise: Isabel Sanford. Helen: Roxie Roker. . Hemsley (and most of the rest of the occupation) called Sanford “queen” because of her very royal carriage and aura of authority. She was not a diva, Hemsley and Marla Gibbs said in interviews that she was the queen bee by nature. Sanford, for her part, called Hemsley “Neck” because she thought he was skinny (at 135 pounds) and “the whole neck.” Producer Norman Lear had hired Sherman Hemsley to play George Jefferson from the beginning. At the time All in the Family entered the ether, Hemsley played Purlie on Broadway and hesitated to break his contract. So Lear improvised and hired Mel Stewart as a kind of substitute. Jefferson`s prediction of a “tornado” that would hit countries on both sides of the Atlantic had been dismissed, but his belief that the Louisiana affair would affect “their highest fates” turned out to be prophetic. Napoleon did not decide to send more troops to Santo Domingo and instead ordered the armed forces to go to New Orleans. Louise and George have another of their infamous fights that leads Louise to storm the Willis.


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