This is Brave

This is Brave: Coolibar Inc.

CEO Kendra Reichenau and Coolibar are DETERMINED to change the statistics

The reality is, one in five Americans will develop skin cancer by the age of 70 and one person dies of melanoma every hour. These statistics are harrowing.

On Melanoma Monday, May 7th, we revealed a limited-run tee shirt in support of our mission to keep the world safe from sun damage. The proceeds from the sale of this commemorative tee shirt, inspired by a 10-year child impacted by a melanoma diagnosis, will go directly to the Melanoma Research Foundation in support of research, education and advocacy.

After a skin cancer or melanoma diagnosis, life alters dramatically for the individual and everyone around them. It takes courage, determination, and advocacy to elevate the fight against this terrible disease in the hope of one day extinguishing it. For the month of May, we have joined forces with some of the true heroes in this fight, who have bravely come forward to share their real-life journeys as skin cancer and melanoma warriors. Depicted in photos and written in their own words, each story brings the reality of this immoderate disease to life, utilizing the most powerful insight.

We are honored and humbled to share these stories with you to raise awareness and encourage you to join us in the fight.

Together we can change the statistics. Be DETERMINED.

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  • Shannon Etheridge Whitten PhDc, NP,C, AFACC

    I am interested in submitting an I am brave story. I am a nurse practitioner of 21 years who developed stage 4 melanoma unknown primary last year. I am NED after 9 months and only 3 ipi nivos. I am on a mission to make skin exams a priority. I became a certified melanoma educator in 2019 through the MRF. I have my materials in my medical practice and my American Cancer Society melanoma booth ready to go once COVID allows. I have treated so many unknown primaries over the years but never had any indication that anything was wrong with me until it was stage 4 and I derailed. If interested please let me know how I submit my journey for review.

  • 8.6.18 US News | Philanthropy Journal Archives

    […] Coolibar has been honored by the Melanoma Research Foundation as the recipient of the 2018 Corporate Leadership Award for elevating melanoma awareness and advocacy through their This is Brave campaign. […]

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